About us

Gridman s.r.o.

Gridman s.r.o. offers engineering, consulting and analytics services in electric power engineering.

We provide professional and high-quality solutions to problems and tasks that can be encountered in power engineering area. In our work we use the latest methods, algorithms, models and combine it with rich practical experience. Our company emphatically cares about constantly educating and increasing qualifications of our employees via various trainings, seminars and scientific conferences.

Our power system specialists come into Gridman from a range of different backgrounds including transmission & distribution system operators, generation and substation developers, and other consultants. This mix of expertise create an elite team of specialist who can find and provide best solutions for your project.

We have a strong international orientation, especially in the area of power system design and protection. Gridman is working on interesting projects in all parts of the world. We know the power system operation “from the inside” and pride ourselves on being innovative consultants who propose feasible and cost-effective solutions.

Our team of elite specialists, besides solving practical tasks, also develops innovative products such as our startup Smart@MAintenance and Startup with IBM.

In our work we actively cooperate with our partners in order to deliver high quality service to the end customers and to ensure their satisfaction.

about us
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History of Gridman

Gridman s.r.o. has been running its business in the Slovak market since the beginning of 2018 whereas its current business activities continuously follow on from previous business activities (since 2012).

Up to this day we have been involved in more than 200 local or international successful projects, as a part of our business activities.