Virtual Employee for your Digital Protection Relaying (DPR)

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Virtual Employee for your Digital Protection Relaying (DPR) offers a way effective solution for the protection of the constantly increasing complex power transmission/distribution systems. Gridman as an expert in this field brings their own professionals for an exceptional integrated DPR solutions. We bring best-in-class services and expertise to the solution, which will deliver transformative business value to transmission/distribution network operators. Our Virtual Employee Program for your Digital Protection Relays offers skilled and high experienced professionals with more than 20 years experience.

Our professional partnership can be crucial to manage your protection relays on high level of quality and still more effective.

We can help at every moment of the digital relay lifecycle:

  • Selection and design of suitable type of the digital protection relay
  • Set-up of the digital protection relays
  • Checking of the existing protection relay settings
  • Post-fault events analysis
  • Tripping plan assessment

The use of our Virtual Employee allows you to have the best and most effective solution in your digital protection relaying.

The main advantage of Digital Relays:

  • High level of the functional integration
  • Additional monitoring functions
  • Functional flexibility
  • Capable of work under a wide range of temperatures
  • Implementation of more complex function
  • High precise accuracy
  • Self-checking and self-adaptability
  • Remote control management

As an experienced professionals we can bring a lot of proofs that Virtual Employee for your DPR has only advantages for your company. If you want to find out more, feel free to contact us on or check our website

Virtual Employee as a new normal in Energy Industry

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The recent months have drastically changed the way companies across all sectors, including energy sector, work. The way we worked has changed, too, as we were forced to adapt to the unexpected. The COVID-19 pandemic, the changing geopolitical situation and the looming economic crisis mean one thing: hiring global, act local.

The energy sector is among those most affected by supply chain disruptions. This resulted in a sharp increase in the costs and a drop in the margins. Many companies are therefore looking for the solutions that would help them to be more competitive and ensure long-term sustainability of their business model. One way to do that is to introduce the remote work. While some industries have been able to make a seamless transition to the remote work, many energy suppliers have embraced the hybrid team model – a team made up of remotely-working employees and highly skilled on-site employees.

Remote work brings more benefits than meets the eye. Remote work means improved structures and operating models, reduced costs and even possibility of attracting the top talents from all over the world. Let’s summarize 6 reasons why a virtual employee is a great choice:

1. Cost Reduction

Virtual employees mean cost reduction. It’s not just the day-to-day operating costs (like costs of running an office), it’s also other employee-related expenses.

2. Focus on Core Operations

Many companies have confirmed that since switching to the remote work, they have noticed an increase of the work efficiency. Teams working remotely focus their attention on projects that are most important to the company and don’t waste time chit-chatting.

3. Increased Production

Studies show that the productivity of employees working remotely has increased by up to 40-45%. This has a significant impact on the increase in the overall work production.

4. Unlimited Recruitment Opportunities

Studies show that the productivity of employees working remotely has increased by up to 40-45%. This has a significant impact on the increase in the overall work production.

5. Higher Retention Rate

It is important to retain quality employees, especially those in whom the company has already invested not only money, but also energy, especially in times when skilled labour is in high demand.

6. Better Control

Remote work offers better oversight in terms of meeting the set intermediate steps within a specific project.

Every coin has two sides. It should be noted that remote work model is working only when all parties involved play by the rules. These include, for example, increased caution in terms of cyber threats, as with remote work this risk increases significantly. With remote work, managers should create and implement result-oriented structure with clearly defined tasks and competencies, oversee the implementation of project stages at regular online meetings, and ensure employees have everything they need to keep up the good work regardless of their physical location. Time zone coordination is the alpha and omega of remote work success stories. We have several years of experience under our belt, and we are more than capable of addressing and removing obstacles that prevent you from successfully implementing your projects.

We are the proof that allowing full-time employees working remotely has its advantages. Still not convinced? Feel free to check out our portfolio – we have worked on more than 200 projects within and outside Europe: