List of our services

Power system analysis & studies

Power system is very complicated and complex frameworks which require extensive analysis in order to ensure safe, reliable and economical operation. System analysis and studies serve as absolute basis for power system operation, maintenance, strategic decision making, budget planning or communication with regulatory authorities. Gridman has extensive experiences of conducting analysis and studies for complete transmission systems, distribution networks, industrial factories, individual sites and for a range of purposes.
The services that Gridman can offer to you in this area include:
  • load flow and contingency analysis,
  • short-circuit calculations and fault studies,
  • power system stability studies,
  • harmonic studies,
  • power quality analysis,
  • arc-flash studies,
  • grid integration of renewable generation,
  • generation expansion planning,
  • transmission and distribution grid expansion planning,
  • grid code compliance studies,
  • grid code review and updates,
  • techno-economic and legislative analysis.

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Power system protection

Gridman is especially known for an unrivalled quality on field of power system protection. Our power system protection engineers are internationally experienced for generators, transmission & distribution networks and industrial plants and can´t wait to help you with following tasks:
  • short-circuit and fault current calculations,
  • protection, coordination and grading studies,
  • comprehensive development of protection philosophy and standards,
  • specification of appropriate rating and accuracy classes for voltage transformers (VT) and current transformers (CT),
  • design of protection systems and switchgears,
  • development of logic and setting of protection relay files,
  • analysis of fault events, fault records and protective devices action,
  • investigation of protection trips and other events,
  • development of training and operating manuals for protection systems.

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Power system design

 Power system design can be complicated and all aspects and considerations must be taken into account including safety, reliability, simplicity, maintenance, flexibility, costs, voltages, protection, fault current levels, grounding, switching and voltage transformation, instruments and meters, cable constructions and so on. Gridman engineers has the engineering and design expertise required to complete the most challenging projects in a safe and cost effective manner. We can help you in following:

1) Primary design drawings and calculations:

  • concept, basic and detailed design of LV, MV and HV substations,
  • concept, basic and detailed design of LV, MV and HV switchgears,
  • tubular and strung busbar design including: sag, expansions, tension, short circuit forces, seismic, wind loading calculations,
  • conductor, busbar and bolted connection current rating calculations,
  • cable sizing calculations and drawings,
  • preparation of specifications for substations and cables,
  • design of power plant power output to LV, MV and HV external grid,
  • design of MV and HV overhead power lines,
  • earth grid design and assessments,
  • design of lightning protection system,
  • specification of equipment for tender,
  • studies to confirm component rating.

2) Secondary design and drawings:

  • concept, basic and detailed design of LV, MV and HV substations,
  • design of secondary circuits for LV, MV, HV and EHV substations,
  • design of LV and MV switchgears,
  • secondary, control and protection designs,
  • tender evaluation and support,

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Electrical system maintenance

 Maintenance of electrical devices is one of the basic pillars of reliable device operation. It is the responsibility of the operator of the specified technical equipment to operate the device in such a way that it does not endanger the safety and health of people and that it does not to cause any property damage. Gridman offers a comprehensive service for you:

  • analysis of the legislative and technical requirements for the maintenance of the electrical devices,
  • asset failures analysis and categorization,
  • analysis of the operating costs related to the electric power devices maintenance,
  • proposal and optimization of the maintenance activities in so called “Maintenance order“,
  • optimization of the operating costs for electric power devices maintenance,
  • a comprehensive proposal of maintenance order,
  • implementation of the new maintenance system for the customer.

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Data analytics

 Data analytics (part of data science) is a fundamental part of modern data processing. In our team, there are experts who follow the latest trends in data science and use this knowledge to meet the challenges of modern power engineering. Gridman offers unique services in this area, for example:

  • data warehouse analysis,
  • data processing based on customer’s requirements,
  • prediction model design,
  • proposal of analytical procedures for asset management.

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